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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  November 28, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> walkabout, you're watching live from paris. a show of military force in asia, china since war plans to its newly declared defense zone. a failed agreement between the talkse and the eu, against lithuania, strengthening time with eastern europe. and americans get things with a traditional turkey dinner and the famous macy's day parade. thousands lineup to take advantage for the early sales the season. ♪
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first, syrian troops have captured a town close to the border with lebanon. it follows days of heavy fighting in which dozens of people were killed among them doctors and nurses. this is the latest victory for the regime after a string of verbal losses. troops pushed into the region cutting operable supply routes. this recent event a tough forced thousands of civilians to join their fellow syrians living across the border in lebanon. the international community must do more to support those suffering. thenio gutierrez believes conflict have -- >> this is the moment for international community to fully understand that the support provided to the counties of the region needs to be strongly
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announced, sneeze to be really messy because there is a risk for the space if that does not happen. syrians a risk of trying to flee the conflict but becoming stranded inside their country without being able to reach protection. oure can go to beirut and correspondent, lucy fielder, for more. very close to the border with lebanon. talk us through what happened. >> the last couple of weeks, raging around the mountains along the border with lebanon, which provides a rear base for the bit rebels. there is also a highway through that area, the focus of the fighting over the last few days. the regime forces took the sound today. dave enter the town we they entered the
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town. the regime sources say they have taken complete the throw. we spoke to a source, a resident in a town next to the one taken. she says the classes are so continuing. she says that the rebels have managed to close the highways over the last eight days, and the rebels were -- the regime for that reason was bombarding be town, taking from civilians to try to force the rebels to ease their control on -- their attack on the highway, which they say then extremely important target for both sides. >> meanwhile, more violence pushing more refugees across the border. how is lebanon coping? this is a small country already having to deal with a huge influx of very desperate people. how are they coping? >> it has been extremely difficult. it is a population of 4 million
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here. lebanese officials say there about 1.2 million refugees here in lebanon. are entering over the last few days. as a result of this battle. most of those are sleeping with reverend -- lebanese families or they have some assistance. there are some camps in the country. what is controversial there in lebanon is the country refuses to set up camps because of the sectarian differences in the country, so people here are living in a very precariously unorganized existence. for aidry difficult agencies. they cannot build camps and they cannot get people together in one place. it is very challenging. of course we are heading into week with some of the border areas are mountainous every cold. >> lucy fielder in beirut, thank you very much for that update. to egypt now where there have been precious clashes over the ousted president mohamed morsi
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and edition security forces. at least one person was killed in the violence at cairo university. police used tear gas and water cannons to this purse protesters. this was in defiance of unusual strength registrations. prison sentences were headed -- handed down to female members of the muslim brotherhood. moving to a show of military force in asia now. china has sent warplanes to the area it declaims that it declares an air defense zone earlier this week. rezoning includes territory claimed by both south korea and japan and they along with the u.s. have been flying a military aircraft through the area over the past 24 hours. >> china on a charm offensive. controversial new air defense against -- attempting to assure neighbors.
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>> the establishment of an air defense edification zone does not mean we are expanding the existing territorial airspace. it merely insurers more effective protection of our country's airspace. >> however, despite this, they are not prepared to u-turn on the issues. he continued demands on the aircraft comply with the new policy. >> we hope that relevant country's airlines can't proactively cooperate so there is more order and safety for flights. are not ofneighbors these. japan has maintained they will continue with flights through the zone. >> we have absolutely no intention of changing our plans and just because of china. the japanese government has asked the airlines to disregard chinese air defense roles. japan airlines have confirmed they will stop flying flight terms demanded by china on all zones. the military has confirmed they
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to have flown through the air zones. china remains unmoved. on thursday, they rejected the repeal of the zone and have maintained its legitimacy. this talisman feels fears of few feels fears of challenges. >> the president of the ukraine is having to answer tough questions at the attended the eu summit in lithuania. close the ties with east european states, a trade deal with ukraine was supposed to be the centerpiece. artt deal fell a pop -- ap last week. tens of thousands of people have been protesting. these are the latest pictures coming to us live. this has been going on for several days. the people think to let the government know they think the decision to scrap the eu deal was wrong. >> camping overnight in liberty
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square, protesters in tf have vowed to keep up the pressure, braving freezing temperatures, thousands of pro-eu supporters have turned out continuing weeklong demonstrations against the government decision to abandon the european union in the favor of strengthening ties with russia. they say the protests won't and and left the president agrees to sign the free trade deal with the au. -- the eu. >> i think the president will not sign the agreement. during the period of his presidency, we have come to understand he is a dishonest man who does not do anything to make the country better and improve conditions for the people. we will stay here till the end and the man his resignation. washile liberty square packed with protesters, around 100 ukrainian opposition supporters staged a steamroll, symbolically burying their european integration
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hopes. they say they must follow ukraine standards. >> take a look at what happened in europe when people took to the streets. police there are much more aggressive than the ukrainian police, and look how they treat us. the government says ukraine cannot afford to sacrifice trade with russia for closer ties to the eu. kiev and disneyfied talks with brussels in recent months. russia retaliated by imposing punishing trade sanctions. >> follow from silvio berlusconi's latest fall from grace -- he was thrown out of our limited following a vote by the senate. -- out of parliament following a vote on the senate. he may be out of the political system, but he comes off with a lot of support.
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>> the end of an erect in italian politics. on wednesday, silvio berlusconi lost his seat in the senate after a conviction of tax fraud. fellow politicians ousted him from the parliament feared for many italians, the decision comes as a dip significant turning point. >> whichever way you look at it, it is the end of something, but it can also be the start. >> of course things will change now. hope lee for the good of the country. the coldconi got shoulder from the current government. he still demand respect from a loyal pool of supporters. hundreds of the more at a rally in rome on wednesday evening, just before the decision was announced. anticipating the result, berlusconi called it a day of mourning for democracy. have been here with berlusconi since 1994, and i will stay here with him and as long as i am alive.
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whatever they do to him. >> the ousted senator remains at ,he head of his italian party and he could run for european elections next year, although the scandal in which he is accused of paying a minor for sex could hamper his chances. the court is set to deliver a definitive conviction for remaining charges against him at the end of next year. he has now senator, lost parliamentary immunity and could be sentenced to house arrest or community service. a the premise or has provided no-confidence vote in parliament. it is not managed to put a's got to the anti- -- a stop to the antigovernment protests. they say the government is being charged -- controlled by a neck filed brother. ed quite uncomfortable majority in
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parliament. as expected, the thai leader cruised to victory in a confidence vote. the clear-cut result with 290 seven members of parliament supporting her and only 134 wanting her removal. shinawatra spoke third wife i call all protesters to stop the rally so the government can redeem their work. >> despite her call, mathematicians are still taking place across the country like right here outside the industry. led by the royalists and military elites, possesses are adamant they will not give up until the prime minister leaves office. a country created that is unable to help the people. the people are not getting anything from authorities. she's a liar, a cheat. she cheats ever wondered --
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everyone. it all started with her brother. -- islionaire businessman a highly derisive figure in thailand. many people think he is a threat the government. they try to pass an amnesty bill to enable his return from exile. >> kenya has the government on a new $13 billion train line that will connect the port city of mombasa with the capital of nairobi. it is funded by china. today, increasing trade and boosting kenya's position of a powerhouse in the region. says the esident will transform the course of development not just in kenya but to the whole region of eastern africa. thanksgiving in the united states, and as tradition dictates, thousands of people turned out to see the macy's day
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parade in new york this thursday. winds, the floats had to fly slightly lower than usual. one of the most important and 1600in u.s., chillers, dancers, 900 clowns, and 11 marching bands on the parade. this year, they had to type into the traditional dinner of turkey with all of the trimmings, many chose to start camping outside landmark stores. the sales, also known as black friday, start a little early this year. many keen to start a bargain. >> a 50 or 55 inch, i do not care, which when i buy tiered whichever one -- as they run out of one, i will take that one. >> to me, it is trying to get bargains. bargains you cannot get throughout the whole year. if they are choosing one specific day to slash prices and have people buy, buy, buy.
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>> not everybody will be celebrating in style this year. government cuts to food stamps programs means millions of american families are struggling to put that turkey on the table this year. >> former u.s. marine leonard edwards does not usually get his meal fromng mail -- bread for the city, a washington, d.c. charity. this year he cannot afford its own. that is because at the start of november, the government subsidies program at its funds cut by 13% tiered now leonard has trouble stretching his budget until the end of the month. >> normally the last week or last three days, i have problems with what am i going to eat today. but now with that $20 gone, to me, that is like a weeks worth of my diet. that is $20. this give foodke at the capital area food bank, covering 11,000 square meters, it is the largest charity distribution center in the
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region, providing around 13 million meals a year. the worry here is they will rely more on charity. >> we do not know what is going to happen. we wanted to prepare for the worse, so we have more food in the warehouse to get out into the community. >> the recession has come to an end here, but there are still twice as many people using the food stands at there were in 2007. many in congress say it is too extensive and inefficient, and more bodies are calling for further cuts, prompting more charities to disagree. family by next thing giving will be even more of a challenge. >> headlines this year -- this hour, military force asia. china has sent warplanes to his newly declared defenses zone. south korea and the u.s. a failed agreement between the ukraine and the european union is overshadowing talks in lithuania. today summit a batch and it
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string things ties with eastern europe. unrest continues to rock thailand. at the premise or has won a confidence vote in parliament feared she failed to stop the antigovernment protests that are now going on today. time to get an update on all the days top business news. thee going to start with latest jobless figures coming out of france. >> he can practically hear the french government drawing a sigh of relief. the labor market has finally turned. he comes with a number of jobless claims in france fell during the month of october by under 3.320,000, just million people are now registered as jobseekers seekers and france. the government says it finds that the unemployment rate is stopping to drop. it is good news for the french president, francois hollande of course. french unemployment rate had
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been heading higher, and dashed back into the lake, it is currently at 10.9%, which is the highest since i 297. at the same time, the president's approval ratings have dropped to a record low. a big part of the drop in job seekers has been attribute it to a government program to subsidize jobs for under 25's. experts warn that the harsh economic context this undermining the jobs market. if job creation is steadied by the end of the year, then this will indeed stabilize or even lower the rate for unemployment, however we need to be aware of the fact that the economic situation is to work areas to sustain a decrease of me unemployment rate in france. >> the outgoing chief executive of -- has sparked a debate here in france. many were angry when the
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carmaker was willing to fork out as much as 21 million euros for his retirement plan. this was the company is saving money while making job cuts and shutting plants. governments ministers have no warn they will take action if companies cannot regulate themselves. william hill -- william hildebrand has more. >> in the face of public pressure, outgoing boss turned on his 21 million euro pension plan, but that did not bury the issue. inspired by neighboring switzerland, which earlier this francis socialist party warned they may have legislation to curb excessive compensation if companies fail to. >> it must be considered if the current practices do not work. we cannot rule it out. >> executives pay is indeed back on the agenda in france with job cuts making daily headlines, it
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has reignited fears that governments will not discipline themselves and that legislation may be needed. companies warn such measures could harm the economy and push them to find more business- friendly clients. >> i would think that legislation in these areas is not good. parliament us understand the business world. it would be better if there were serious self-regulation or >> -- self relation. >> in 2012, france set a cap. it seems that private company's are next. >> stock market snap. -- next. u.s. stock market, we can talk talk youstill can through the european markets but i got that right in the end. they posted a slightly higher thursday. italianook at the market as well. a job after the italian senate expelled the former prime
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minister silvio berlusconi. talking you through a few other stories we're keeping an ion as well. europe's biggest home- improvement retailer warns of a tough retail climate in france. kate fisher under -- operates castorama innd france. france consumer confidence in particular is weak and there are no signs of an imminent improvement. germany ion is planning to pull out of the market. they say the power company will start to search for a buyer of its operations in italy. eon is under pressure from expansion offering renewable energy sources. the investment bank goldman sachs has been hired to look into the sale. eon will not sell the assets cheaply.
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gamers in europe are gearing up for sony's new videogame console, the playstation 4 goes on sale in europe and australia on friday. gamers are already camping out together to get their hands on one surety was launched in the u.s. two weeks ago. microsoft xbox one went on sale last week globally and it is seen as playstation's arch rival. >> thank you very much indeed. that brings you up to speed with the business. it is time for our final stop in our tour. they have made to the moroccan city of tangier, and there they wee been finding out as explored the city's literary prize -- past and present. ♪
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>> welcome. shortop is cynthia -- a boat ride away from europe. it has long attracted writers. we went to meet one of its contemporary voices. author and poet publishes in the language she has taught for years. french. one ofeer has been persistence through words, and she goes from defending moroccan women. yes, i amead my work, a dash, but not in the western sense of the term. abortion, for example, and i do not agree with
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sexual freedom. i am for parole frowned changes for women. they should be able to study like men. >> rachida madani's literary journey started in this bookshop founded in 1949 with writers from around the world were floating to tangier. >> rachida madani is the truest literary were sent to member -- voice in contemporary tangier. poetry is like music. is 100% tang >> homes to like of tennessee williams, words have shaped the city's soul. rachida madani said the atmosphere is changing amid a wave of property speculation from overseas. ofis no longer the tangier
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my childhood. there has been so much construction work recently. and for somebody whose roots are here and you knew it as it was, more natural, less buildup, it is a real shame. my heart is aching. a city and a permanent crossroads between two shores of the mediterranean. [♪]
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from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> to introduce myself, i belong to a special tribe of what used to be called troubadours, sometimes called minstrels, now we are called songwriters. in our song we sort of look for the better world, a rainbow world. my generation, unfortunately, never succeeded in creating


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